William Bill Jones JR

William Bill Jones JR

Managing Director

Mustang Innovation, LLC


About Me

Mustang Innovation provides comprehensive cost reduction programs to companies across the US, Canada and Mexico. 

Our team of Subject Matter Experts ("SME") brings in-depth understanding of the cost drivers in their areas of expertise and offers a fresh approach to manufacturing cost reduction and resource optimization. Through the application of unique should-cost modeling programs, strategic sourcing & spend analysis, e-business techniques and our knowledge of the markets driving the cost categories, our SME’s help leading manufacturing companies realize millions of dollars in savings. 

We understand the art of negotiation and the fundamentals of profit, and we use this knowledge to benefit our clients in the areas of packaging, direct component sourcing, logistics & transportation, and outsourced services. Our goal is simple: extract maximum value for our clients, while providing them with sustainable processes to support their long-term goals. We bring focused resources with the credentials and documented successes to support our methods.

Our SME’s have assisted companies with general process improvement, integration of customer-based needs into the supply chain, lead time and total inventory reduction, and commodities and risk management. We satisfy the need of clients seeking rapid, quantifiable savings with key negotiations, sourcing strategies, and cost reduction programs throughout the supply chain. 

Our extensive experience in complex negotiations, risk mitigation and in outsourcing finished product, direct and indirect components, and internal business processes or functions, both domestically and abroad, ensures the end result will be a quality program that delivers the service level needed while reducing the total cost of ownership.

Specialties:We consult in the following fields: consumer packaging; media; perishable ingredients; transportation & logistics; warehousing; inventory management; commodities hedging/management; merchandising/commercial displays; packaging engineering innovation; branding & positioning; international sourcing; & Maintenance Repair & Operation ("MRO").


About the company

We are the modeling specialist in fibre and resin based products. Work with the team that pioneered the methodology. 

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